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Frequently asked questions Expedition

Map of the festival

Map Expedition Festival 2019

When/where is Expedition Festival 2019 held?

Expedition Festival 2019 is held in the Vroesenpark in the Northern part of Rotterdam. The festival takes place on the 6th of July, from 13:00-23:00

What about parking?

We do not have a parking lot available near the Vroesenpark. We therefore advise everyone to either come by bike or public transport. The easiest way to get to the Vroesenpark, is to grab Metroline E (directly available from Rotterdam Centraal) to Blijdorp. From there, it will be a 5 minute walk.

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase your tickets on our website, www.expeditionfestival.nl, where you currently are. You also have three options to buy hardcopy tickets in the city centre of Rotterdam. This way you save yourself €5 and the service fee (so appr. 8 bucks).

Hardcopy selling points are:

Funkie House Rotterdam - Korte Hoogstraat 15A
Imagine By Kim - Pannekoekstraat 91A
Tante Nel - Pannekoekstraat 53

Note: buying tickets from resellers is at your own risk. If a ticket you bought from Ticketswap, Viagogo (or a similar website) does not work, please contact the specific platform or seller; we cannot help you.

Until what time can I get in?

Our entrance closes at 21:30, make sure to be on the festivalsite before that time. It is not allowed to leave the festival once you've scanned your ticket.

Should I print my ticket?

You do not have to print your ticket - please think about the environment :-). However, you do need to bring your hardcopy ticket to the festival - a picture of the ticket will not suffice.

Will there be lockers?

There will be plenty.

What about cigarettes and earplugs?

You can purchase them at our service desk.

Expedition Festival 2019 is a PIN ONLY festival

Expedition Festival 2019 is a PIN ONLY festival. This means you are paying for your drinks at the bar with your card. No cash. No Tokens.

Expedition Festival green cup-policy

This year, every visitor will receive a cup-token at the door for free. With this token you get one hardplastic cup for free at the bar with your first drink. When you return this cup to the bar, you get a fresh clean one with your new drink. You lose the cup? You will have to pay a small fee for a new one.

Can I bring medicines to the festival?

If you have a doctor’s prescription you can take your medicines onto the festival site.

What’s the minimum age?

Our minimum age is 18 years old. Take your ID, as this could be checked at the entrance.

What are Expedition’s house rules?

• We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding all soft- and hard drugs.

• Our minimum age is 18+

• Visitors who entered the festival site are not allowed to leave and return.

• You are not allowed to take umbrella’s, parfum, deodorant, weapons, your own consumptions, selfie sticks, animals, plastic/glass bottles.

• Visitors that enter the festival site agree to being photographed/filmed by our media team. The material shot during Expedition Festival might be distributed later on.

• Everyone who dresses, speaks or behaves aggressively, racist or offensive will be denied entrance or removed from the festival site.

Get yourself home safely: take an Uber.

The pick-up/drop off point for your ride is near Van Aerssenlaan 10.