# Moodymann Sinner


Moodymann finally releases extremely diverse 'Sinner' digitally

The story behind 'Sinner' might be as iconic as the producer himself. During Movement Festival Detroit, back in May, Moodymann hosted a barbecue in his hometown Detroit. Unannounced, he analogously released his new record 'Sinner', which he sold for a mere $10 at his cooking event. He distributed the vinyl amongst a few record stores in town, but that was that: the rest of the world had to wait. Until now.

Last Friday, Moodymann finally released 'Sinner' digitally, on his Bandcamp profile. So far, we are not able to listen to it anywhere else, but luckily you are able to stream it via the Bandcamp website, which you really do want.

'Sinner' is a mixture of many styles, but most of all the perfect record for a warm summer evening. Where 'I'll Provide' is still a housey track with Kenny Dixon Jr.'s own sighing vocals on it, 'Deeper Shadow' takes a little trip to an R&B like vibe, with smooth female vocals throughout the entire track. Another turn away from pure electronics is 'Downtown', which is a groovy, upbeat soul hymn with funky bass lines. Although 'Sinner' is very diverse album, all tracks have one thing in common: they groove effortlessly.

We are ready to hear Moodymann's new tracks during his set on Expedition in less than two weeks!

Get in the mood here:

Catch Moodymann live at Expedition Festival July 6th.