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Octave One

Octave One talks Expedition

Brothers bonded by the thriving music scene from Detroit were meant to inspire people around the world with their forward thinking sound. The 5 Burden brothers together form Octave One, with Lenny and Lawrence Burden as the core units. Octave One has been essential to DJ playlists for over two decades. The prolific band has produced classic dance floor anthems that continue to resonate as fresh, groundbreaking tracks. And they haven’t...

Marcel Dettmann

Dettmann to headline Expedition Afterparty!

For all the tireless festivals visitors, reckless techno heads and nocturnal animals who'd rather dance during the dark hours: we have something sweet. Marcel Dettmann will be headlining our afterparty in Perron. The Berghain-resident won't be pulling an all nighter, so he'll be accompanied that night by Function (who will play on Expedition with his pals Steve Bicknell and Luke Slater as techno supertrio LSD) and Abstract Division.


Moodymann finally releases 'Sinner' digitally

The story behind 'Sinner' might be as iconic as the producer himself. During Movement Festival Detroit, back in May, Moodymann hosted a barbecue in his hometown Detroit. Unannounced, he analogously released his new record 'Sinner', which he sold for a mere $10 at his cooking event. He distributed the vinyl amongst a few record stores in town, but that was that: the rest of the world had to wait. Until now.

Ellen Allien & Daniel Avery talks Expedition

Ellen Allien & Daniel Avery talks Expedition

Two worlds collide: Daniel Avery and Ellen Allien join forces to bring a multi-layered DJ set. Both have been exploring the realm of electronic music in their own lanes. The London-based Daniel Avery has been making waves for the past 15 years. His 2013 magnum opus Drone Logic is a prime example of his ventures through minimal electronic sounds. More recently, his follow-up album Song For Alpha saw a more experimental approach, which signified these ventures even more. This, too, is apparent in his DJ sets. As creative all-rounder, DJ, musician and BPitch label manager Ellen Allien carved out her own space in the Berlin scene...

LSD to release new record

Anthony Rother Talks Expedition

DJ Anthony Rother was described as an influential visionary, an electro pioneer and one of electronic music’s most prolific producers. For more than two decades Rother aggregated a vast musical canon that reflects his unique career as a sound researcher, exploring the aesthetics far beyond the boundaries of electro, techno and pop music. We chatted it up with Rother and asked him about his sound, the relationship between man and machine and what experimentations we can expect from his live performance at Expedition Festival.

LSD to release new record

LSD to release new record!

And not only a record. De techno power group LSD (Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and Dave Sumner - a.k.a. Function) drops the double-12-inch on their own, brand new label. Their first record, Process (2017), was released for Berghain's in-house label Ostgut Ton. This second release, Second Process, calls for an even bigger approach; the launch of their own label.

Larry Heard Interview

Larry Heard talks expeditions

The concept of an expedition can be interpreted in many different ways. In the simplest form, it’s an organized journey for a particular purpose. But what that journey or purpose might be, is completely up to the expeditionists. Exploring new sites, venturing through the jungle that is electronic music, setting up camp in surroundings with unheard sounds, we’re stimulating these various interpretations at Expedition Festival. In the upcoming interview series, we’ll explore these concepts with artists who’ll perform July 6th. And we’re kicking the series off with the man who might’ve started it all: Larry Heard.

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