The news we have been fearfully anticipating for the past few weeks, has at last been ruled by our government. No festivals can take place till at least the end of August, which means we cannot organise Expedition Festival this year.

Although this news doesn’t take us by surprise, we are deeply saddened about how our scene takes a hit this year. We were also extremely excited about the programme we had put together for this year’s Expedition, and we would have done nothing rather than dance with you all day. However, the situation is completely out of our hands at this point, and our global health comes first.

We did not start our ticket sales yet, as we were waiting for a definitive green light for large events this summer. However, we were well on our way with our pre-registration; everyone who has signed up will automatically keep their spot in the pre-reg for our new date. Of course, your registration comes with the same perks as this year. Our pre-reg stays open for our 2021 edition, so Join The Expedition!

Finally, we hope everyone is healthy, keep an eye out for your loved ones and we hope to see you all very soon.

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